Employer - Frequently Asked Questions

Local and nationwide travel contracts for Nursing and Allied Health professionals.

Our Clinicians possess a minimum of one year (1) of hands-on experience unless otherwise requested by one of our Client partners, however, most of our employees have 5+ years of overall experience.

WalkerHealthcare offers a comprehensive screening process for all new Clinicians as follows:

  •    Competency and Behavioral screening by our corporate based Recruiting team
  •    Clinical Assessment performed by a member of our healthcare resource team
  •    Final screening by our Executive Vice President as required, ensuring cultural fit

WalkerHealthcare takes considerable care to perform license verification, reference checks, background checks, drug screening, physical evaluations, immunizations, and others as required by our Clients. We also complete skills assessments and requisite testing.

In the unlikely event you are ever dissatisfied with one of our Clinical resources, WalkerHealthcare ensures that we will work expeditiously to identify a replacement on your behalf.  Offering 24/7 support, our executive leadership team is just a call away!